AMALTHEE: Linen at the service of French couture

Amalthee was created in 2004 in the south of France at the initiative of the designer of Contemporary Jewelry Cécile Guedj, the idea was to create clothes that could resonate as best as possible with her jewelry.

Since the creation Amalthée has not stopped innovating through elegant and extremely feminine lines. Amalthée's DNA combines linen and elegance. Amalthee has developed on a requirement of quality of French finished product and a production in small series which assures the customer an originality and an unparalleled follow-up.

Linen because it is a natural material and the oldest fabric in the world which was already worn by the pharaohs as a symbol of purity. Linen is an ecological material par excellence because its cultivation and treatment does not require any products except dyeing which is based on natural products. The plant is completely biodegradable and the most qualitative productions are made in Europe (Normandy and northern France), which also helps to promote a tradition of local and rural economy.

Linen also contributes to the well-being of our skin, soft and silky, it has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties but it also has other virtues such as the thermoregulatory effect (coolness in summer and heat in summer) , it is anti-stress and soothing.

The natural elegance of Linen brings a touch of simplicity to the style of Amalthée clothing, the originality of which is recognized by loyal customers around the world.

The Amalthée collections have kept the classicism of a timeless line that can be worn in all circumstances in everyday life, evenings and special occasions (weddings, baptisms, etc.).

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