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We have created this page to answer any questions you may have, if any information is missing please let us know …

J’ai des soucis de navigation, de visualisation, je n’arrive pas à commander…

These are things that happen with certain versions of browsers like Microsoft Explorer that I do not recommend, our site is also not optimized for tablets, image enlargements can be a problem. The easiest and fastest way is to download a good browser like Chrome or Firefox, it’s free.

The article that interests me is no longer ordering or do I no longer see my size in the order basket?

n this case it is that we no longer have it, you can send us an email to know if we will do it again and when ...

But where is your winter collection?

It does not yet exist, we are thinking about it, we are thinking about it but for the moment it is not yet on the program.

Do you have wholesale or reseller prices?

No we don't have one, we already sell at the lowest prices and we can't do better for the resellers.

I am not sure of the size of your clothes, how do I know if they will fit me?

Take your waist, hips, chest, waist precisely so that we can answer you. We will reproduce your measurements on a sewing mannequin. Also take a look at the 'size information' page which gives precise indications on the measurement.

Do you make custom clothes?

No, we don’t.

Do you make other exhibitions than those indicated on the expo page?

And no, everything is there, we hide nothing, it is sometimes even the opposite, so it is better to send us an email if you come specifically to an exhibition. By cons may be missing future dates and not confirmed by organizations ...

Do you exchange or refund clothes?

YES but we will not reimburse the shipping costs and the costs of return and reshipment will be at your expense (sorry but we cannot offer them).

If you want to try a lot to see, you have to come to an exhibition.

In case of exchange or refund:

You have 7 days to make a return from the date of receipt of the item. After 2 consecutive returns without purchase we will offer to come and see us on expo and will no longer accept to send you an item.

PLEASE NOTE: You must indicate your measurements with precision when ordering, without these measurements and as indicated in our conditions of sale we do not accept returns.

In addition, the jewelry is not reimbursed given its very artisanal nature and size adjustment when ordering.

How long does it take for a package to reach me?

We send your order in colissimo recommended 48 hrs, it is quite reliable but you must add the preparation time of your order which can vary according to the season.

Currently (May-June-July) between 4 and 7 days

For Belgium or other European country it is more variable but it goes from 5 to 10 days.
Pour la Belgique ou autre pays Européen c’est plus variable mais cela va de 5 à 10 jours.

I don't see the price of the clothes / jewelry?


Does Amalthee have a catalog?

No, everything is online and we do not publish a catalog.

Is my order in stock?

Normally yes! That is to say that everything that is available in the shopping cart on the site we have it in stock but an error is always possible, if you are anxious (send us) an email for verification. In any case, we do not debit your payment until the verification has been carried out.

Why should I indicate my measurements when ordering?

To serve you better! Many people give us measurements that do not match the clothes, it is useless to turn the postal services for easily verifiable errors. We do not send an order without a verification of the measurements, moreover we created a page on the measurement which you can consult on the page ‘INFO’ -> section ‘Information sizes’, do not hesitate to do it you will save time!

For jewelry it is also important because the chest size and the size of a person can change the positioning of a necklace.

Finally if you do not know the measurements of the person to whom you intend the order, try all the same to give an approximation, take for example the measurements of the clothes that suit him, we tell you how to do it on the page 'INFO' -> 'Size information' section.

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Un envoi coûte 10 euros en dessous de 200 euros et gratuit au dessus, pour les petites commandes et article peu volumineux nous envoyons en document suivi à 5 euros, votre paiement en ligne sera de 10 euros mais nous vous débiterons 5 euros uniquement( valable pour les paiements par carte , crédit sur achat futur de 5 euros pour les paiements par chèque.

Nous utilisons le service Colissimo 48h de la poste, ce qui fait que la commande doit vous parvenir habituellement à j+2/3 ouvrables.

Pourquoi ne faites vous pas de soldes? 

Parce que nous ne pouvons pas nous le permettre étant donné que notre production est toute petite et que nos prix sont très bas, faites un comparatif avec d’autres vêtements de créateur (pas avec une grosse chaine type la Redoute évidemment)