Questions / Answers

We made this page to answer any questions you can ask.

For missing information please contact us …

I have problemsnavigating, viewing your webside?

It must be a browser version problem, contact us or download a good browser like google chrome andplease don’t use Explorer…

The goods that interest meare no longer available or not in my size ?

In this case it is that we do not have it anymore , you can always send an email to know if we will make it again.

Where is your winter collection?

It does not exist, we think about, maybe next year!

Do you have wholesaleprice?

Not we don’t, we already sale at the lowest price on the website, it is a direct link from consumer to producter

I am not sure about my measurements , how to know if the clothes will suit me?

Take your exact waist,hips, chest. We will replicate your measurements on a dress form. Go at the ‘informations’ page which gives practical guidance about the measurement

Do you make custom clothes?

No we don’t?

Do you exchange the clothes?

YES but you must tell usyour measurements very precisely or we won’t accept it because we check carefully your measurements and compare it with chosen sizes before sending. Return fees will remain on your side .

How long does a parcel take to arrive? Is it safe to send ?

About 3 to 5 days for Europe like Belgium, England or Germany.

About 5 to 10 days to USA.

We send by registered mail only, so it is quite safe so far.

Actually ( May-June-July) we need 4 to 7 days more to prepare your order

I do not see the price of clothing / jewelry?

Just click on the ‘ details and shopping bag’ link, on the right side of the image.

I you do not see this link, there must be a problem with your browser , than contact us…

Do we have a catalog?

No we don’t, everything is online, we do not print any catalog

Is my order in stock ?

Yes, it should be! As long as you can shop it online, it is not out of stock, but if you are anxious about it, send an email and we will tell you.

Why should I enter my measurements when ordering?

To better serve you! Many people give us measurements that do not match the clothes. That is why we do not send clothes without checking your measurement on a dress form.