linen gauze top Anaïs with flared/slit sleeves



In rosewood linen veil, top with slit sleeves and sides, round neckline well cleared nice in hot weather, just the right length to cover what is needed hips.Amalthee creation and French manufacturing.

Sizes Bust Length
1 38.2   inch/ 97 cms 27.6 inch /70 cms
2 40.6  inch/103 cms 27.6 inch/ 70 cms
3 43.3  inch/110 cms 28.3  inch/ 72 cms
4 46.9   inch /119 cms 28.7 inch/ 73 cms
hand wash it or machine wash veil program separately with low spin speed, iron it with steam. NB: better to wash it once at first by hand, it will be softer after being washed once BE CAREFUL LINEN GAUZE IS FRAGILE: the seams are easily stretched also do not force, it must be worn wide.


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