Pure linen vibrant blue Elke Tunic with flared sleevesDark blue linen sarouel skirt

From the dark indigo hues of Tuaregs Tribes to the Japanese Boros, from the shores of Greece to Portuguese azulejos, BLUE vibes enhance all human cultures and delight our imagination...Blue is fascinating, full of the promises of an Absolute journey, perhaps the one that will bring us back to our Origin ! Blue opens up our inner space, unfold our soul as well it extends our perception to an ever deep Horizon melting Space and primordial Waters ... So, time to dive ! Pack these beauties...and choose your destination!.. Pure linen vibrant blue Elke Tunic with flared sleeves Dark blue linen sarouel skirt Blue silk/cotton creased scarf Necklace : a stunning piece ! waxed cotton threads, vintage leather patinated with golden wax ornate with a delicate "repoussé" metal sheet (from traditional garments of Dao people, north Vietnam Tribes) ancient Chinese currency, Javanese glass beads and African Baule beads.

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